What is Zirconium Application?

Zirconium is a substructure material used under porcelain coatings. They don’t Corroded. The Light transmittance is very high. It has started a whole new era in dentistry with the reason they offer Aesthetic and durability together. They are compatible with Teeth and gums, are tissue-friendly, do not make allergies. The heat insulation properties are very good compared to metal porcelain, so the hot cold sensitivity is very small.

In which cases is Zirconium coating applied?

Whitening results in discoloration
People who used a metal-backed Crown Bridge before
In the range of Teeth
Correction of the Crossed teeth
In cases where Excessive substance loss is not resolved by filling

What is the biggest advantage of Zirconium?

They appear quite natural due to a lack of metal reflection from the Bottom. Very aesthetic results are achieved with Light transmittance properties.

Does it cause odor and taste change in the Mouth?

They do not cause a reaction in the gums because they are Tissue friendly. Because there is no Metal, smell and taste do not cause a change

Does it cause a color change in Gums?

The Texture is perfect for its harmony. In Metal-backed porcelains, gray colorings that are visible on the gum border are definitely not in zirconia.

How to apply Zirconium Teeth?

With Local Anesthesia, 1-2 mm of all tooth surfaces are cut. The measurements Taken are prepared in the laboratory environment. In the Lower structure, the zirconium upper structure is aligned with the cut teeth using porcelain and adhering to the cut teeth thanks to special adhesives.

How long can Zirconium Teeth be used?

It is dependent on the care and use conditions of the Person, but it is much longer-lasting than the metal sub-structure prosthe. It does not allow bacteria to pass through its exact harmony with the Cut teeth. Prevents the formation of Caries.