The tooth whitening (bleaching) is a method applied to whiten teeth which have changed colour with factors such as some drugs, tartar, tea, coffee and cigarette etc. for a few tones. Different colourings require different treatments. By this reason, it would be better to decide with you dentist on what kind of a treatment should be applied and to consult with your doctor before using bleaching products sold in the market.

The treatment is applied in two versions as an in-house type and in-office type;

In-office type is the type of bleaching performed with special whitening agents at the circumstances of a clinic, lasting approximately 1 hour. At the end of the procedure, the result is noticeable.

In-house type is the type of follow-up treatment. After a bleaching procedure in the clinic, special whitening kits and transparent plaques are given to the patient for use at home. These plaques specially prepared for the patient should be placed on teeth to be bleached for 6-8 hours, preferably while sleeping.

The most efficient result is achieved by the use of both methods together. If necessary, the number of sessions is increased.