Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

We have seen how FUE enhanced the extraction process in hair transplantation. However, hair transplantation is not limited to extraction. The process includes two sensitive phases: graft preservation and incision making process. Sapphire FUE affects both steps by using the sapphire stone to make the equipment. Sapphire is the hardest stone on earth second only to diamond.

Despite its toughness, the stone is flexible. The contradictive qualities of the stone allow for it to be shaped in such a manner where the tip has a sharper V-shaped end as opposed to the U-shaped end of steel blades.

With a shaper end and smaller surface area, sapphire blades require less force to penetrate the scalp on the recipient site. Less effort translates channel opening at a faster pace, which means more channels per session and a shorter incision-making phase. Moreover, with sapphire blades, there is a lower risk of damaging neighbor tissue.

In other words, sapphire FUE leaves no scars on the recipient size given the sharp tip of the blade. Moreover, it cuts the incision making period by about an hour decreasing the exposure time of grafts.