For a beautiful smile, the white and proper ordering of the teeth is not always enough. The harmony of Gums is also extremely important. The health of the gums we understand From Harmony is the color and the level of the teeth.

For a Nice smile, your teeth need to be in harmony with your gum and lips. If the gums appear too much during the Smile, the gums are cut and shaped with the help of laser. If there are level differences in the Teeth sizes, they are balanced among themselves. The Teeth are less visible and the length of the crowns is extended by intervening in the gums. In Some cases, their growth is seen. We call Gingivoplasty to remove Excess gum tissue. Pink is one of the methods applied for aesthetics. If the Gum smile is too much (gummy smile) can not be solved surgically, then the Botox method is a preferred reason. It can also be used in the Aesthetic area of Botox gums. With Botox applied to 2 points below the nostrils above the Upper lip, the excess appearance of gums is prevented by providing a little more drop of the lip.