What is Periodontology?

It is the department that examines the hard and soft tissues around the Teeth and provides treatment of the diseases of these tissues. The initial stage of Gum disease is called gingivitis. Depending on the stage of the Disease, the process of straightening the deep and root surface can be passed along with the cleaning of the tooth stone. Gum problems just can’t heal with mouthwash and antibiotics. It is necessary that the treatment should be initiated early by the dentist.

Gum Bleeding

Healthy Gums are light pink. The Female surrounds the perimeter. Redness and infection are not seen. There’s no bleeding during floss and brushing. When an infection begins in the tissues surrounding the Female, the first stage of bleeding is awesome, the gums swell and take a red look. We call This stage gingivitis.
If untreated, the problem proceeds to the jawbone. Widespread mouth odor has begun. In the Teeth, the shaking bleeding and infection occurs. The Table is now the stage we call Periodontides.

Main reasons:

Poor Oral Hygiene
Smoking habit
Filler and crowns not compatible in the Mouth
Genetic factors
Tooth tightening habit
Regular and effective tooth brushing, floss and interface brushes are essential to prevent gingival hemorrhages from occurring. It should be checked periodically and cleaned if necessary. Tooth Stone Cleaning does not damage the teeth. Cold hot sensitivity on open surfaces after Cleaning is natural. It’ll be a Few days.
In advanced cases, all this is not enough, the gum operation may be needed, accompanied by local anesthesia.