Laminate Porcelain For Attractive Smiles

An effective smile from the correct hands is unavoidable. Thin porcelain that covers only the front of the teeth provides a bright and attractive smile.

When Should Laminate Veneer Applied?

When there are tooth gaps. Colour problems that don’t respond to bleaching. Small crooked teeth or big fillings. If the person is complaining that the teeth are not visible enough or does not like the shape.

How long can those be used?

These can be used without any problems for 10-15 years with regular tooth hygiene. Brushing and flossing does not harm.

How is Laminate Veneer applied?

The first session is to determine if this procedure is adequate for the person. If yes, then the relevant tooth is filed a fine layer to make space for the leaf porcelain. This is also possible without any filing, however the mouth smiling position and teeth need to be also adequate in such case. The teeth shape is taken with a mould and sent to a laboratory. Their conformity is checked and the leaf porcelain is then applied with a special adhesive. Total treatment duration is 5-6 days.