FUE Hair Transplantation

The people having trouble with their hair on earth are too numerous to be counted. For these people, there are many solutions both in alternative medicine and in modern medicine. Treatment types such as chemical or natural drugs, some nutrition recommendations are some of these solutions. The most permanent method among these is the hair transplantation procedure.

Hair transplantation is a treatment that was tried long ago, gained validity thanks to a method named FUT. This was a method that led people to avoid hair transplantation due to marks, insensibility, and numbness as a result of stitches at the nape of the neck.

But today, the hair transplantation went beyond being tormenting and became an often preferred treatment method. The biggest factor leading to that is the “FUE Method” which began to be applied and to be popular at the beginning of the 2000’s. In this method, no skin line is extracted from the nape of the neck in contrary to the FUT Method, but hair follicles are extracted one by one. These extracted hair follicles are put in a special liquid at a special temperature and placed in the area of hair transplantation. In FUE method, bleeding and permanent marks don’t occur in contrary to other methods. And this is the advantage of this method. Hair transplantation experts recommend FUE method instead of FUT method.

The Process of Hair Transplantation

The first step to being taken by a person who suspects for hair loss should be consulting to a hair health center and to be seen by a doctor. Before consulting to a doctor, the so-called medical or natural products at the market shouldn’t be used in any condition. A specialist could lighten hair loss by medical treatments to the complainant and strengthens weak hair. If there is the thinness of hair and clear hairless spots on the hairy skin, hair transplantation is planned.

Today, almost all hair specialists prefer the method of hair transplantation which is known as FUE, gives less pain, and doesn’t cause bleeding. In this method, the area on which hair transplantation will be applied is photographed first and archived. The donor area from which follicles will be extracted and the area of transplantation are analyzed, and the new hairline is planned and fixed considering age of the person and face proportions. The patient having been photographed for the archive is taken into surgery. The person is applied limited (local) anesthesia before the surgery. Thereafter, hair follicles from the neck and the back of ears are extracted one by one and classified according to their graft amount. The grafts put in a special liquid at a special temperature are transplanted again one by one through the canals after the canal opening procedure which is the second phase of the hair transplantation. After this operation has lasted for 6 hours, the patient is discharged without the need for any bandages.

Because the neck and the back of ears are programmed not to shed, these areas are preferred for hair transplantation surgery. After this surgery carried out with FUE method, there are pinpoint-sized marks at the area where hair transplantation has proceeded. These scars won’t bother the person and will be concealed with the growing hair. Besides, this method minimizes bleeding during hair transplantation surgery. Thanks to FUE method, a person has gone under the hair transplantation surgery is discharged on the same day.

It is important to stay at home and rest at the same day and a day after the hair transplantation surgery. The patient shouldn’t engage herself/ himself with anything and get tired unless necessary.

It will be helpful to have the head examined at the hospital or at the clinic by specialists before the first washing. The first washing should be exercised earliest 24 hours later and the latest 72 hours later after the surgery. Before the first washing, applying a little softening lotion on the hair transplantation area will help to soften crusts. Later on, hair is rinsed with warmish water and the lotion is gotten rid of. During washing, a special medical shampoo should be used and rubbing and strokes should be avoided.

When can I return to social activities after Hair Transplant?

As described earlier there the patient may expect some mild swelling around the transplanted area and the face within the first two weeks, which is mostly painless but uncomfortable.

5 days post-transplant the swelling may have disappeared and will no longer be visible to others. As small crusts in the recipient area may dissolve after 10 days a period of two weeks (14 weekdays) after the procedure will be an appropriate time to find your way back to social activities