What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breasts are of the most important sexual organs of women. They play a great role in a woman to feel beautiful and self-confident.

Breast development starts at puberty and they keep on developing until the end of fertility age. Birth giving, putting on, and losing weight excessively, breastfeeding, increasing age leads to a change in sizes and flabbiness of breasts. And sometimes breasts may be bigger to the body since early ages due to genetic and hormonal factors.

Breast reduction surgery is a surgery that is frequently referred to especially by women with big breasts and preferred by many women due to neck and back pain and restriction of physical activities. Taking all these into account, we could say that breast reduction surgery isn’t only an aesthetic surgery but a functional surgery with all its meaning because it affects the whole life quality of a woman.

After the breast reduction surgery, each woman is observed to regain their self-confidence, they become more harmonized with social surroundings and happier in their private lives

Should I go under a Breast Reduction Surgery?

If you think that your breasts are bigger in size as to your body sizes, if you have a hard time choosing clothes for yourself and you have difficulty in physical activities having neck and back pain, yes, you may go under “Breast Reduction Surgery”.

What should be paid attention to before the surgery?

You had better share all your expectations and concerns with your doctor. During examination, you should reply to any questions to be asked about your general health condition in details and inform your doctor about your past diseases and medications you use. Surgery areas will be determined during your physical examination, your new body shape will be discussed.

How will the surgery proceed?

Your surgery to be performed in our hospital will be carried out with sedation + under general anaesthesia as to the practice. Its approximate duration is 2-2.5 hours. Reduction is applied by caring for the form of nipples and milk ducts.

What should be known about anesthesia?

You will be examined and informed by an anesthesia doctor before the breast augmentation surgery. Blood diluent medications, vitamins and factors affecting anesthesia such as alcohol and smoking should be discontinued starting from the date foreseen by your doctor.

How is the post-surgery period?

Breast reduction surgery isn’t much painful, if there is pain, it will soothed with prescribed painkillers. You may need to stay at out hospital for an overnight. Recovery will be fast and marks will disappear in time. After the surgery, a bra special for you will be put on. Controls are carried out at the 3rd and the 7th days. Patient will return to social life after 5/7 days. You need to use the bra special for you for 1 month. You should abstain from sports requiring severe arm movements for 2 months.

Period of returning to the social life after the surgery

In the early period, a little edema will be seen, this condition will get better in time. The bra special you will help the betterment. The tense and upright appearance will turn into a natural appearance in due course. You may return your social life and working life in 5-7 days. After 2 months, breasts will take the final shape.