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What is The Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift inspired by Brazilian women’s butt, you can get attractive changes in your butt. Applied with the fat removed from the patient’s own body, the butt lift procedure brings the most natural and aesthetic results. The person’s own fat combines with the butt, and helps it to get fuller in the most natural manner.  If you are looking for a more natural result, instead of filling your butt with silicone prostheses, you can choose to lift your butt with Brazilian butt lift (BBL).

Should I go under a Butt Aesthetics Surgery?

If you have difficulty forming your body despite exercises, you think that your clothes don’t suit you well, YES, you should go under “Butt Aesthetics Surgery”.

What should be paid attention to before the surgery?

You had better share all your expectations and concerns with your doctor. During examination, you should reply to any questions to be asked about your general health condition in details and inform your doctor about your past diseases and medications you used and are using.

How will the surgery proceed?

The surgery is to be performed at our hospital with sedation and under general anaesthesia. The approximate duration of the surgery may differ between 2-4 hours as to the type of practice. You will need to stay at the hospital for an overnight.

What should be known about anesthesia?

You will be examined and informed by an anaesthesia doctor before the genital area surgery. Blood diluent medications, vitamins and factors affecting anaesthesia such as alcohol and smoking should be discontinued starting from the date foreseen by your doctor.

Period of returning to the social life after the surgery

It is beneficial to put on a corset for 3 weeks during the butt forming and recovery period. In case your doctor approves it, VelaShape III application (vacuum + massage) will provide an increase in collagen and escalate the recovery process. One may return the social life after one week.