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Male Genital Surgery

What is Genital Aesthetics Surgery for Men?

It is possible to fix deformations having occurred at the genital area due to advancing age, genetics and putting on and losing weight. Genital area surgeries for men are penis enlargement, thickening, building the scrotum up and forming the pubic area (by liposuction). The penis enlargement surgery is based on the basis of taking the part remaining within the body towards outside by a procedure on penis suspensory ligaments under the pubic area. The penis thickening surgery could be performed by fat injection, tissue transplantation and with fill materials; the most commonly preferred one is injecting fats extracted from another part of the body after a special procedure (Vaser Liposuction). Testes might move downwards due to drooping skin with increasing age, rejuvenation is provided by removing the excessive tissue.

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