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Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

Dental implant is one of the highly preferred dental treatment in Turkey.

The way of beautiful smile passes from bright,well maintained and beautiful array. For a natural smile, implant treatment is the closest application to our own dental practice. On Dental implants due to the ease of stability and aesthetic apperance satisfaction and quality of life is very high.

What is dental implant?

Dental implants are artificial tooth root which made of titanium that can perform a job such as natural teeth. Also known as screwed tooth. It is the most appropriate option as an alternative to natural teeth. Except implant prosthetic tooth nothing can take place of tooth roots.

Is it painful during and after implant treatment?

Implant treatment is being undergone under local anesthesia as many other dental treatment and there is no any pain during the operation. After the surgery, if following the advices of doctor no encountered with a problem.

Is there any age limit for dental implants?

The dental implant can be applied to everyone who have completed the bone devolopment. There is no any age limit for implant treatment. The implant treatment is applicable to everyone who have sufficient jaw bone quantity and quality.

Returning to social life after operation

İstanbul Aesthetic Center’s dentist Mrs Aylin Turan says that there is no case to prevent the continuation of daily life for patients. After suture due to no eating approximately 2 hours, it is recommended to have eating before the operation.

Is implant durable lifelong?

In this regard the most important determining factor is given the importance of patient's oral health. On the people who care about this implants can be durable up to 30 years.

How long does the implant procedure take?

Application time depends on the patient's jawbone and number of implants. For every implant it takes approximately 15 - 20 minutes as seance. A plurality made of implants and advanced surgical procedures may extend the operation time.

What is the success rate of the implants?

The implants which is made by specialist dentists in healthy individuals has a success rate of %95 - 98. The implants must be applied by physicians with expertise in maxillofacial surgery because this process requires expertise.

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