Mr. Y.B. Saudi Arabia

Hi everyone, I have my FUE hair transplantation done on 11 July 2016 at Istanbul Aesthetic Center. In the beginning; honestly, I was nervous and unsure of the procedure/operation. However, I felt secure and safe once I reached the clinic which was well equipped with improved technologies as well as very clean and neat. The professional doctors and the entire staff of the clinic were respectful and friendly. As per my experience; therefore, this clinic deserves 10 out of 10 for having professional, kind and helpful staff in general from receptionist to doctors. Special thanks to Mrs. Rose who was my contact person, helped me with lots of thinkable questions. In addition, she did a great effort in arranging and coordinating for the procedure to be happened. Many thanks to Mr. Yasin who was my guide and translator, helped me before, during, and after the operation as well. Thank God the treatment went very smoothly good. There were anesthetic injections which were moderately painful in the beginning, but the rest of the operation was painless. I would love to thank all who assisted me with this experience. I'm personally pleased and happy. I am hopeful and pretty sure of a great outcome.

Highly recommended!!



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