I would like to share my compliments and experience with your teams. I have lost almost 25kg in 2017 and abdominoplasty was an option to consider. As part of my job, I travel the world and had options at various locations such as UAE, Turkey, Germany or USA.

As a potential patient who was not focused on the price, and was mainly after the doctor, pre and post care; I was would like to explain my thought process in selecting your clinic which can help you to point out your strengths and potential improvement opportunities:

1.       Yasin Sakrak: He is the main face yet first impression of your clinic for potential patients. His professionalism, unique yet personalized approach has been superb hence he is probably the initial tiebreaker for me to select your clinic. In consumer/patient behaviour, the first impulsive sales pitch is the most important and this is where Yasin has done absolutely fantastic job. His communication with doctor, the way the shared the information and arranged a call with Dr Ergin Er – were all great. Special thanks to Yasin.

2.       Dr. Ergin Er: My decision was based on doctor more than the hospital. I could afford to go to Acibadem or Florence Nightingale yet the connection to doctor, his attitude, and the way he talks are all important for the patients. Surgeries are not easy. There are many variables hence best building, best equipment, etc may not always matter. The attitude and experience of the doctor matter the most. It was very helpful that Dr. Ergin Er’s details were widely available on the internet with some youtube videos. Firstly, it was not his first time and he has done some. Some is enough as there will not be much difference of doing 100 vs 600 surgeries in this area. His calm, confident and friendly approach sealed the deal for me. The improvement opportunity is to market the doctor more widely and get more reviews on popular medical forums about him. I found Dr Ergin Er very professional, approachable and funny. I have looked for his diplomas, experiences, articles, etc. These help to build confidence. Another point is that doctor has attended USA Plastic Surgeons Board/Committee in 2004-2005 yet in 2017 database, it does not show him as registered out of Turkey. This could be another great sales point where to keep certifications up-to-date so you can be on international databases (ie American Society of Plastic Surgeons, etc).

3.       The FUE Hair Team: Oya, Sanem, Asil and Cansu. Firstly, Yasin and Dr Er were the reasons I got to the hospital but the ongoing treatment and the FUE team turned me into a loyal future patient. I cannot compliment this team enough. They are professional, kind, respectful, fun and the best. FUE operation was more complicated and longer than I expected but this team has made it fun despite the long hours. They are superb! I would like to acknowledge their commitment, long hours, professionalism and perfect attitude! During my visits, I was talking to international patients and all where pointing out how they were grateful and happy with this team.

4.       Post-care: The post-care has been professional. I had questions during FUE and waited till end to ask. Yet, before I can ask, a simple FAQ sheet with medication was given to me with explanation. That simple preparation demonstrated a form of process and professionalism. And patients care for the little details. Great work.


I work for a $40b international company with 90,000 employees across the world as a regional manager covering 1/3 of the world and traveling all the time. As part of my job, I help all units to improve their profitability, operations, quality and performance. And I must say that your main strength is your team and people. You should consider your presence on social media as consumer/patient mentality has been shifting on how to access the information and how to make decision. You should take more time to build case studies without face pictures/names, with details to post to social media for awareness and advertisement - where it also educates the potential patients.

As part of my travels, I write reviews for hotels and restaurants where a simple yet detailed review for a hotel gets shared over 2,000 times in 4 days based on the details and truthful review. As a loyal patient, I will do my best to share my positive experience on all forums. As I am in a senior role in a large company, I never give my name out and I would like to keep my name out of social media.

I plan to share before, after and progress pictures without face and name to build a detailed case study for you. As soon as I can start sports again, I will do my best to get best results and share pictures with you in 3, 6, 9, 12 months. And if I have time, I may prepare a brief video of progress with all details a potential patient may want to know.

 I have not seen the full results however, I would love to share how happy and grateful I am, and every single person I have met so far were great in professionalism and service.





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