Gold stems from the word ‘Aurum’ in Latin. When ancient records are studied, it is seen that the use of gold dates back to 3200 and Egyptian Reign. While the gold was used as money by many civilisations, it was seen to be used as knick-knacks.

Gold, being the source of beauty and youth of Cleopatra until her death who put a mask on at nights, is known to be the key for youth at ancient Chinese records.

The Gold Mask eliminates the signs of aging and destroys free radicals with its anti-inflammatory feature, while giving the face a younger, brighter look by escalating regeneration of cells.

  • If the regeneration of epidermis cellular tissues has slowed down, the quantity of elastin – collagen decreases, drooping and aging flecks begin to appear at the face in advanced stages, YES, you may have "Gold Mask" application.

  • Initially, face is cleaned at our clinic. The Gold Mask that is placed on face in plates is rubbed over the face by massaging with the help of a special solution.

  • The mask isn’t applied to the people allergic to the mask’s substances, with complaints of open wound and herpes.

  • The application lasts between 45 minutes to 1 hour, it is helpful to be repeated once in a month. You may return to social life right after the application. After the application, the skin becomes even, bright and vibrant.


This is an application performed with the aim of acne treatment and soothing acne marks, treatment or soothing of wrinkles with light and middle intensity, skin mark treatment (aging, post-natal and damage from the sun light etc.), recovering the skin structure, making the skin with pores more even, that is leaving out the cells over the surface of face and letting young cells to come closer to the surface. Chemical peeling is based on the principle of peeling the skin to several depths by acid planning derivatives such as fruit acid and glycolic acid due to having the smallest molecules special for the person.

  • If you don’t like the general appearance of your face, you have trouble with concealing you face with make-up and if this bothers you whenever you look at the mirror, YES, you may have the "Chemical Peeling" application.

  • One should be perfectly protected from the sun especially in winter period. The applications are started with low concentrations and the concentrations are made intenser. The intervals between sessions is up to the sensitiveness of the skin. It is repeated the earliest one week later, the ideal duration is 2-3 weeks. Application limits of the sessions differ specially as to the person, while the average is 6-8 session. The success of the treatment is in parallel with complying with the recommendations.

  • It could be applied except for the conditions such as open wound and herpes, allergenicity, pregnancy, sunburn, capillary vessels being close to the surface anatomically (Rozaseiform).

  • It lasts for 1-1.5 hours on average and you may return to your social life after the application. Dryness, crusting and redness on the skin after the treatments don’t hinder your social life. A sun cream should be used in 2 hours during the day. One should abstain from hamam, sauna, hot water application, massage and activities leading to sweating. No make-up should be worn one day after the treatment.


The oxygen therapy perform by giving natural oxygen to the skin has been applied in abroad for years. Cells in our skin needs energy to be able to fulfil their tasks, young skin doesn’t have such problems. Because epidermis has enough oxygen in young skin and it can easily access the nutrition. With advancing age, free radicals, malnutrition, wrong use of cosmetics, smoking and especially the hazardous effects of the sun harm your skin, therefore the skin is damaged, gets thinner and fleck formation, gets wrinkled and drooped. In short, if there is no oxygen, then life doesn’t exist, metabolism doesn’t function, skin and the body cells don’t get energy, cells aren’t renewed and therefore aging process starts.

Upper layer of epidermis is removed with the peeling practiced before the procedure and oxygen with high pressure given to the skin strengthens the immune system. Oxygen pressure applied in skin and body care differ between 0.6 and 1 bar. Application of this intensified oxygen pressure increases results and effect of products with oxygen activator.

Special cosmetic products used in this terms contains A, C, E Vitamin, herbal extract of aloe vera and liquid with oxygen activator. Even at the moment when the special product and the oxygen are sprayed to the skin, they can reach to lower layers of the skin with the effect of 1 bar pressure. Therefore, the product doesn’t need to be rubbed into the skin with any kind of pressure method.

Its effect is observed right away and remains for a long time. Since the first moment oxygen therapy is begun to applied, product with oxygen activator and oxygen reach to lower layers of the skin and escalates blood circulation, enables getting rid of toxins, delays cell aging by speeding up the cell metabolism of the skin. Oxygen therapy creates a massage effect due to being applied with a certain pressure and therefore awakens the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

This provides a supportive treatment in recovery of skin problems such as acne, flecks and wounds.

Oxygen therapy isn’t only used in wrinkle treatment but it is an effective method in eliminating cellulite that is the worst trouble for women.


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