When the subject is the body, women are generally the heaviest critics of themselves. 91% of women say that they have things to change or reduce in their bodies. Many women have tried diet and exercise but they feel that these aren’t sufficient. One out of each three women think of doing something else rather than diet and exercise.

VelaShape III is the perfect answer that isn’t surgical for treatment of problematic regions leading to dissatisfaction regarding their body images. VelaShape III presents a body shaping treatment that is unique, easy to use, not necessitating to lock in the house, comfortable, profoundly effective, yielding consistent results with advanced clinic protocols and is repeatable.

Extensive experience of Syneron on developing efficient body shaping machines and researches carried on in this matter have contributed to the overachievement of the brand VelaShape. VelaShape having clinic experience for more than 10 years, more than 50 million individual treatments performed in the whole world and published articles more than other aesthetic machines have in the market is the most well-known, uninvasive body shaping machine in the market today.

Proven Clinic Results

Effectiveness and safety of VelaShape treatment are demonstrated in multicentre clinic studies and individual treatments performed in more than 5 million patients through the world.

  • VelaShape III has proven more than 2 cm thinning at the stomach area and more than 1.5 cm thinning at thighs
  • 10% of slenderizing and 97% of patient satisfaction has been provided at the regions of the patients in post-natal period treated with VelaShape.
  • In many of the patients no discomfort was felt during or after treatments.


It is an efficient method enabling body fat to break down and to be eliminated from the body by freezing the fats. With Cryo Lipo, regional fats under the skin are frozen in a controlled way and broken down comfortably, safely and easily. The permanent results even after 1 application could be seen on the application site as in the liposuction application. It doesn’t aim to squeeze fats in lymphatic canals but to minimize them and eliminate them completely. The unique, rectangular heading of the machine vacuums the fatty part of the body tightly and the machine first increases the degree of the application site to +42 and then decreases it to -10 degrees to provide the effect.

The application duration: 1 hour

The recovery duration: Redness may be seen at the skin. The redness disappears in 30 minutes to 1 hour after the application.

The result: Demolishment of the fat in cells is aimed at the areas where lipoidosis is seen. After the application, ample water should be intaken.

Conditions of the application place: Clinic conditions are provided. The application could be done on all areas where fat is contained in the body.

Anaesthesia: It doesn’t require anaesthesia. It is a pain- and ache-free method.


Mesotherapy is the method of injecting vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, homeopathic drugs in mixtures through the middle layer of the dermis with microinjection technique. It is widely used in skin resurfacing, cellulite treatment and regional weight loss, hair treatment, chaps and spots as well as keloid treatment in several skin diseases.

Mesotherapy is regarded as a commonly used method in cellulite treatment, facial revitalizing and hairy skin treatments in the field of aesthetic medicine. The meaning of mesotherapy is performing a treatment on a region by directly injecting a medicine to the middle layer skin of a target organ through needles with thin ends (4-6 mm) in certain angles. The basis of this method is to prompt the immune system by serial impacts of the needles and to directly affect the target organ with an increase in capillary vessels and blood build-up.

The advantages of mesotherapy are:

  • The results are fast and precise (results are observed after 3 sessions on average).
  • It poses no side effect when applied by the right people.
  • It doesn’t require local or general anaesthesia and doesn’t affect daily activities of the individual in any way after the application.
  • It yields more effective results compared to cosmetic methods (seaweed, paraffin, massage…).
  • It is applied in a short time.
  • It doesn’t produce any side effects when applied by an expert and a doctor trained in this issue.
  • There may sometimes occur little bruises at 1-4 spots but they disappear in a few days.
  • Aesthetic areas of use
  • Cellulite, regional weight loss
  • Hair shedding and hair revitalizing
  • Face and skin rejuvenation
  • In treatment of under-eye pouches
  • Against chaps, scar marks
  • Medical areas of use
  • Rheumatology, arthralgia
  • Injuries due to sports

If the purpose is cellulite and regional weight loss, a drug is injected to regions such as leg sides, stomach, hips, around the knees, abdomen, sides, back, and arms through three thin needles. This drug destructs the fat blocks at these regions and increases blood circulation, therefore a fast weight loss and thinning occurs according to the intensity of the problem at the desired regions for reduction and extinction in cellulite appearance when the sessions are kept on regularly. When the person has a general weight problem, diet is planned together with mesotherapy. Before planning the diet, height, weight and body measurements of the person (fat, muscle) are noted. If there is any factor to cause the person to put on weight, it is searched for and treated due to being the underlying reason. A diet program is prepared special to the person by taking into account basal metabolism, daily activities and alternative nutrition types of the person. Thanks to a regular and healthy nutrition type without leading to loss in muscles as well as a diet rich in protein, carbohydrate, fibre fat, vitamin and mineral, it is possible to lose 5-8 kg in a month.

Drugs to be injected are subcutaneous fat solvents (removes the pressure on vessels), blood circulation regulators, oedema eliminators and special mixtures beneficial in this respect. One of the biggest advantages of mesotherapy is that it doesn’t create any drooping problem while enabling regional weight loss but it induces recovery and shaping in the contrary. Successful results could be achieved when it is applied particularly in women against drooping problems after pregnancy and under-arm problems with the advancing age.

Mesotherapy treatment differs as to the person and lasts for 8-10 sessions (more when necessary). The method is practical to the utmost and practice in 10-15 minutes. The intervals between sessions are minimum 5-7 days. After the treatment, nothing is in question to affect daily life of the person. Sometimes little purple points are seen on needle points, this passes away in 5-7 days on average. The mesotherapy method is a medical method to be used in all women and men at ages of 18-65.

  • Cardiac insufficiency
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney diseases
  • In patients receiving anticoagulant treatment

This is a method which we especially prefer in hair shedding and hair revitalizing. At the first step, the reasons for hair shedding are searched for and if there is one, it is cured. One of the methods exercised to nourish existing hair follicles is mesotherapy. By this method, a cocktail consisting of structural elements such as vitamins, blood circulation regulators, elastin, collagen triggers, and keratin is injected via a mesotherapy needle, this is applied once in a week minimum for 6 session according to the intensiveness of the problem.

A combination prepared with the desired fill materials such as cell renewers, combined vitamins, circulation regulators, and protein building stones is injected under the skin, this is practiced mostly to revitalize the skin, recover the drooping, to eliminate wrinkles to some extent and to reduce future effects and the application gives a relief and bright appearance to the skin. It is applied once in a week and in a month later on for 4 sessions at the first step and for 3-6 sessions on average.


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