Destruction caused by UV lights for years on our skin, wrinkles and of course loss of elasticity and brightness are inevitable. The procedure of processing self-blood of the person in a special tube in vitro and injecting it again to the person is named PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). Platelets, in other words ‘thrombocytes’ are blood components enabling repairment of the damaged body part and turning it into its natural condition, including growing factors.

With PRP, the target tissue is given platelets 2 or 4 times more in amount that is provided by the body and by this means repairment is provided to be faster at the target area and more strengthened and the treatment gives results.

Aging of our skin is based on the skin losing some of its features and antiaging imitates the practices and several methods the body does to recover its tissues. In other words, the skin is lightly damaged and made to restore and build itself up.


  • PRP could be applied on body parts such as

    • Hair,
    • Face,
    • Neck,
    • Low-neck area,
    • Hands,
    • Inner legs and
    • Arms.
  • If you desire for helping the dermis to regain its elasticity and brightness caused by years and sun light, to escalate the process after some procedures applied on the skin and to shorten recovery process, YES, you can have "PRP".

  • The self-blood of the person that is made into blood component rich in platelets in vitro is injected into the target area by the help of very thin and small injectors. In general, the courses of treatment will yield such long rejuvenating effects that might be regarded as permanent when repeated once in 10-12 months after 3 applications.

    • It has a long effect,
    • It revives and reconstructs the skin.
    • It is easy and reliable.
    • It supports all vital functions of the skin.
    • The bright and health appearance emerging at the first application may slightly retrieve, a few successive applications and accumulation of the reviving effect might be required.
    • The courses of treatment which are generally composed of 3 applications will have generated such long effect as to be regarded as permanent when repeated once in 10-12 months.
  • You may return to your routines after this procedure lasting for 15-30 minutes as the application site. Healthy and bright appearance is observed right away.


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