This is a method of giving oxygen to the body through the skin in a warm cabin. the most important effect of the cabin is to tighten the skin and body care. This body care units has features like removing the stress and cellulite, thinning the body, throw toxins, regulate digestive circulation, tighten and make beautiful skin. The most important feature of the unit is to lose weight in performance. Usually it is used to finalize the fat and cellulite which are installed in body, abdomen, legs, hips, buttocks which are drooping. Numerous chemical reactions proceed in the human body. In the ozone sauna these substances are rapidly shed from the body with the help of the heat and moisture. The ozone cabin accelerates blood circulation in the body and increase body heat. By that it accelerates the flow and the effect of gauzes of ozone and oxygen leads to burn calorie.

At the ozone sauna, it causes a session to spend between 250 and 500 kcal. It removes fatigue, gives vitality, improves resistance to microbial origin of many diseases.

It kills and neutralize harmful microorganisms by using ozone and oxygen. After the treatment Patients have healthy skin. The ozone cabin fixe and also prevents the formation of cellulite. By eliminating stress and the effects of stress, also it removes the mental problems.


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