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Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan
Prof. Dr. Gürhan Özcan
Cosmetic Surgery

Prof. Dr Gürhan Özcan is specialized in cosmetic surgery operations. He is graduated from University of Hacettepe Medical faculty in 1977 years. After completing his 6 years residency training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery department in 1977-1983 year he became plastic surgery specialist. He worked In 1988 years in Houston Baylor medical Faculty as a research assistant at the Plastic Surgery Department and also 1 year worked as an assistant professor total of 3 years. Prof. Dr Gürhan Özcan has written a lot of sicentific studies so far. Two times he has won the award for research of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Mostly he is doing the aesthetic surgery operations.

Some of his most frequent operations are nose surgery, liposuctions (degreasing), face and neck lifts, eyelid, breast and belly augmentation.

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