Sparse hair starts to fall and does not like anybody, so people start looking for remedy. Micropigmentation, which is known also shading technique, can be applied to anyone who has sparse hair and whose skin is obvious. Micropigmenting technique can be applied to those who have already had hairplants and still have sparse hair or who have experienced hair loss. Mikropigmentation process is 3 to 5 years permanence depending on the skin structure and wound, swelling etc. after treatment. and it does not happen. Although this process has no harm to the human body, cancer patients, those with skin or skin diseases and pregnancies are not suitable. If you need to wait for 1 year after hair transplantation, you can earn a new look in 3 - 5 hours with hair micropartitioning. It is recommended to repeat once again after 4 weeks of pigmentation. Hair shading technique; beard or eyebrows, hairless areas that have been formed due to skin diseases in the patients who can not reach to adequate frequency and can not be done with hair transplantation for a while.


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