What is Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is one of the most popular operations in today’s world. First techniques trace back to 1950’s.

What is Graft Calculation?

For us your back of head is very important in order to transplant to hairless area, because this area always alive for hairs and impossible to loss of hair and the extraction is being taken from your back of head.

Hair Transplantation in TURKEY

İstanbul Aesthetic Center is providing to you an affordable and effective solution for hair transplantation in İstanbul.

In today's world Turkey is one of the leading successful hair transplantation centers and İstanbul is the best city for hair transplantation.

In our clinic center specialists and assistants who specialize in hair transplantation are providing successful operations with the best technical equipments.

We use as İstanbul Aesthetica Center, the newest method FUE ( Follicular Unit Extraction) . Donor zones at the back of your head and this area generally unaffected by boldness and when we do this FUE technique we have following advantages no scars,excellent results and quick recovery.

In PRP (PLATELED RICH PLAZMA) method the hair roots are extracted under local anesthesia and transplanted into hairless areas by taking the natural hair grow angle with a Professional approach.

After the hair transplant procedure you can be discharged within day from our clinic center and you can go home in comfortable conditions.


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