About Healthpoint Hospital

Healthpoint is a multi-specialty, elective hospital located in Zayed Sports City, Abu Dhabi. Healthpoint is owned by Mubadala Development Company, which was established by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to invest in sustainable economic growth across numerous sectors, including world-class healthcare infrastructure.

Healthpoint Hospital

Healthpoint’s physicians and surgeons represent the very best in global and local medical talent. Most are European or North American-board certified and have practiced in other markets including the US, UK, Canada and Korea before relocating to the UAE.

The hospital operates under an integrated practice model, which brings together teams of physicians and specialists to address complex medical conditions. This innovative and efficient model minimizes a patient's need to seek multiple opinions at multiple facilities, resulting in a highly patient-centric and multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis, treatment and disease management.

Healthpoint's Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre works in partnership with Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Centre to offer hair transplant consultations and procedures. The Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery Centre’s German and American board-certified surgeons also offer the latest procedures in body contouring, reconstruction (including post weight-loss surgery) and anti-aging medicine using the most modern equipment available. As part of Healthpoint’s integrated model, plastic and cosmetic surgery patients are assured the highest quality of surgical care – with special care surgical nurses and other resources on-site to assist with patients’ full range of pre and post-operative needs.

In addition, Healthpoint offers approximately 20 outpatient clinics and inpatient services such as bariatric surgery, cardiology, dentistry (including oral surgery, orthodontics and pediatric dentistry), dermatology, diagnostic imaging, ENT, family medicine, gastroenterology, general surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, podiatry, respiratory and sleep medicine, rheumatology, urology and vascular surgery.

To get more details please visit http://www.healthpoint.ae/en-us

Remember, our consultants are coming to site between August 27 and September 1 to Abu Dhabi. Reserve your place for free of charge consultation.


Timm Wolter

Dr. Timm Wolter

Head of the Department of Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery;
Consultant, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Timm Wolter is a German board-certified Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon specializing in plastic, reconstructive, aesthetic and hand procedures. He is credited in more than 40 academic studies, papers and articles and is a frequent contributor at international medical lectures. He is licensed to practice in Belgium and his native Germany, as well as the UAE; he practiced in the EU for approximately a decade before relocating to the UAE to practice at Healthpoint.

Jeffrey Fairley

Dr. Jeffrey Fairley

Consultant, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Jeffrey Fairley is a German board-certified Consultant Plastic Surgeon and General Surgeon specializing in cosmetic, hand, cleft palate and other reconstructive surgeries. With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Fairley studied in South Africa and practiced in Germany before relocating to the UAE in 2006. An avid humanitarian, Dr. Fairley performs pro-bono surgeries for patients with congenital deformities, including cleft palate.

Abeer Sawwaf Kraishan

Dr. Abeer Sawwaf Kraishan

Specialist, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Abeer Sawwaf Kraishan is an American board-certified plastic surgeon with expertise in liposuction and body contouring, and a special interest in non-facial rejuvenation (Botulinum Application, fillers and PRP), breast surgery (including reconstruction, augmentation and reduction) and face and neck lifts using SMAS, and aesthetic genital surgery. Dr. Sawwaf completed her training in Oregon, USA and was awarded the Duke University Plastic Surgery Research Award in 2001 and the Kaiser Permanent General Surgery Award (USA Recipient) in 2002 and 2006.


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