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Rhinoplasty + 7 Nights Hotel + Airport Pickup
Hair Transplantation + 3 Nights Hotel + Airport Pick-up : €1490
Packages include,

✔ Hair transplantation
✔ 3 Nights Otel
✔ Airport Pickup
✔ Painless local anesthesia
✔ Onve session PRP application
✔ Medication
✔ Lotion + Shampoo
✔ One month vitamine package
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    Patient Satisfaction

Thanks for all your support during the treatment. For a while there my visit to Turkey was about to get a little longer but the airline were happy in the end. Thanks again for a great experience and helpful, nothing a problem, attitude. This really enhanced the whole stay.

AdrianM - Ireland

I'm Emilia a girl from Naples-Italy. Because I had a real need to rebuild my breast and in my city it was impossible due to excessive prices, I went looking on the internet and after many searches I found a person who is part of the hospital, who gave me a lot of explanations and introduced me to this clinic in Turkey, Aesthetics Istanbul, who have done a great job. A great welcome, the doctor - a great professional, the clinic - a 5-star place, the hotel: beautiful. In short I would never have expected to travel from my city and find all the comforts to have this operation. In short I recommend it to all! Go there and you will not regret it, they're the top in everything and for everyone! Emilia Sorentino - Italy

Emilia Sorentino - Italy

I can tell you that this trip was better than I ever expected. Specially I want to say thank you to my Dr. Ergin that has truly expert hands and his work is just fascinating. Although to Yasin that was always there for me whenever I needed something and the staff was very nice and friendly too. I would always choose it again and I am so happy about the results. best communication. Nice and friendly people -

Eleonara S. - Switzerland

I was a little nervous about having hair transplants done abroad but I am so glad I did, minhaj who dealt with me after my enquiry did everything for me to make my journey simple to finding my flight to journey and the excellent hotel, to then be passed onto the hospital team who took the lead to make my treatment relaxing, aftercare to my journey home, If you have any doubts about having surgery of any sort give these guys a go and you will not be disappointed I promise.

Julian K, United Kingdom

I'm coming to Austria's Vienna market. Before I came to Istanbul Aesthetic Center, I met Hülya Hanımla, she was approaching me from the first day and she liked me until the finest details about the operations to be done. After arranging the clubs, we wanted to take my flight and transfer our farther away from us. The next day after my examinations were performed by our doctor, hair transplant operation and the operation of my eyelid one day later took place. My doctor and the whole team did their best. The staff were very friendly .The place would really recommend it to anyone with an excellent clinical complacency. Infinite thanks.

Mark K, - Ireland

Hi Mate just want to say thank you for all the help so far from you and all the staff at Istanbul Aesthetic Center. You have all been first class, I can’t wait to see the results.

Darren W. - Australia

Great friendly staff. Was very informative through out... Yasin şakrak was my point of contact out there and even from the UK. He was very helpful and just the person I was hoping for as I never had anything done like this before. Would 100% recomend to anyone looking for the same type of treatment . Other than that, The hospital team and the clinic staff were fantastic all around. Darren D. - United Kingdom

Darren D. - United Kingdom

Many thanks to Doctor , Yasin and Sebnem at Hospital. I could not have had a better experience. Every detail was taken care of meticulously and I am very satisfied with the results. I am very grateful. Maria P. - Spain

Maria P. - Spain

Ich würde von einem Chafeur abgeholt und ins Hotel gefahren. Am nächsten morgen wurde ich wieder abgeholt und ins Krankenhaus begleitet zur Operation. Es wurden am Morgen Test gemacht. Sowie ein Gespräch geführt. Zum Abschluss Bilder und mit den betreffenden Markierungen. Die Op verlief sehr gut. Bin schnell aufgewacht. Hatte 24 Stunden meinen Ansprechpartner in Deutschland und in der Türkei. Bin grade am verheilen und bin auf die Endergebnisse gespannt. Alles super! Habe es direkt weiterempfohlen. Sara M - GERMANY


I arrived safe, and thanks a lot for your attention at Istanbul. You guys have amazing teamwork I'll see you next time. Victor Gbariel

Victor Gbariel

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