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İstanbul Aesthetics and Medical Surgery Centre is a Plastic Surgery Hospital established to render good services for you with high technology devices and with a staff of experienced doctors in their own branches and personnel.



Our experienced doctors and medical team are working for keeping you healthy and happy at every moment you pass in our hospital.




In "face lifting" the drooping, excessive skin is removed through a cut on the uniting line of ear and cheek or from the back of ear and on the hairy side whisker area, if necessary. Therefore, face takes its new form. Marks are unclear while the cuts are stitched with special techniques.




The FDA certificated "Vaser Liposuction" device is based on the principle of selectively melting and extracting fatty tissue by not harming healthy tissues. In liposuction operation performed with Vaser, capillaries and neurons not getting harmed during the surgery compared to other methods is a vital advantage.




Stem cell therapy is applied to repair damage in an area of our body. In our hospital it is used in both medical treatments and plastic surgery. From cracks in the skin to wound treatment, it is possible to resolve a lot of problems with stem cell therapy.



Salam alaikum Just saying thank you so much for your support and hospitality, really appreciated. Hair transplant is going very well. I

Rashid Mehmood

I really dont know where to start. It was an amazing experience.

Oumayma Guorih - SPAIN

Middels deze weg wil ik graag mijn ervaring met Istanbul Aesthetic center delen. Op 31 oktober 2018 heb ik een haartransplantatie ondergaan en een dag daarna een operatie aan mijn borst. Na lang wikken wegen hebben ik uiteindelijk de knoop doorgehakt.


Hi yasin just to thank you for all your hard work .The experience was amazing.

Frank L.

I arrived in instanbull a hour late and when I came out of arrivals there was no body with a card with my name on it worried I text yasin told him I had arrived within in 3 minutes a...

Kevin O. / England

At med center service was prompt and the staff courteous friendly and Professional. I wouldn’t change anything.

Tom S. - Ireland

"Yasin took great care of me. The transfer from and to the airport worked out really well. The room was fine, too.

Alexa I. - Switzerland

Thanks to Doctor, especially to Yasin for the help&organisation. It was all very easy from the first contact, to the last detail.

Juliana D.-Romania

I found the clinic to be warm, clean, bright, and welcoming. The staff polite, courteous, and hospitable. The consultant very informative

John L. / United Kingdom

I want to thank in advance all the aesthetic teams of Istanbul. From our arrival at the airport until the last minute.

Mohammed Jraif /Spain

I am living in barking and my friend Mr. Khalid refer me and I booked my appointment from London and Mr. Yasin was coordinating with me. While I reached Istanbul Aesthetic Center, I felt everyone from the front desk staff to the main doctors were kind, courteous, and helpful. This was my first time visiting the clinic and I am happy to have such a great place for hair transplant.

Muhammed Ajmal - United Kingdom

Yasin brother thank you very much for you and your lovely hospital team that you did a good job for my hair transplant and organisation process as well , all the best. Ismael Al Hanouf / Amsterdam

Ismael Al Hanouf

Greetings ! I had a very successful hair transplant operation at İstanbul Aesthetic Center...

C . G

Hi Yasin , I have arrived home here and wanted to say thank you for all the arrangements and assistance. The entire trip and surgery couldn’t have gone better and you made it very easy - thank you.

Maria Q.- England

Everything was amazing from A to Z . I did not have any problem and complain during my treatment...

N.D- Holland

During my traetment i always felt that i was in safe and on professional hands .

R. V.V- France

This is my second operation at İstanbul Aesthetic Center...

S. T - Italy

I was looking for a good hospital for cosmetic surgery and finally...

F. S - Germany

I decided to get dental treatment here and i was very glad with ...

O.K Switzerland

I would like to share my compliments and experience with your teams. I have lost almost 25kg in 2017 and abdominoplasty was an option to consider. As part of my job, I travel the world and had options at various locations such as UAE, Turkey, Germany or USA.


Dear Yasin, I'm back home and my health is very fine. I would like to thank you for the great organization of my trip! 👍

John P-Netherland

Hello, I highly recommend having the hair transplant procedure at the Istanbul Aesthetic Centre. The staff at the hospital that carry out the procedure do a very good job and provide excellent after care.

J.T- England

I found this clinic center through my friend because his reference was important for me to get such an operation. All along all the staffs were concerned,smiling and helpful...

Mr. B.L - UK

Hi everyone, I have my FUE hair transplantation done on 11 July 2016 at Istanbul Aesthetic Center.

Mr. Y.B. Saudi Arabia

Beautiful Hospitality. Everything is good here. I recommend this hospital to everyone in my country...

Mrs. C.B. - UK

I was very glad to be here to get for my hair transplant and nosal operation...

Mr. M.A.

Everything was perfect here, I was very glad to be there. They behaved like a friend to me and they picked me up from my hotel it was very nice.

Mr. S.K - Edingburg

It was very good for me to find this clinic through internet while I was surfing on the internet. For my hair tranplantation process everything was better than I expected...

Mr. S.T - London

Istanbul Aesthetic Center is the best place to regain your hairs! Especially staff helped me too much. Hospitality is perfect here! You can try this clinic without hesitation...

Mr. H.D - London

I had decided to tooth bleaching here, and it takes place in the city center so very easy to reach there. Staff and equipment were Professional I have never had a problem during the bleaching for my teeth. I realized after bleaching my teeth was extremely white.

Mr. C.A - Cardiff



Hair Transplantation in Turkey

İstanbul Aesthetic Center is providing to you an affordable and effective solution for hair transplantation in İstanbul.



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