Covid-19 Precautions

As Istanbul Aesthetic Center, we closely follow the current developments regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), which affects the whole world, and take all necessary measures in line with the guidance of the Ministry of Health. We would like to share with you some of the additional measures we have taken as IAC;

  • All our guests are meticulously welcomed by our teams at our hospital entrance points with a triage process.
  • Visitors with detected fever are not admitted to the hospital. Our meetings with our business partners are held outside the hospital or online.
  • After obtaining medical status information, necessary information and guidance are provided.
  • All our guests are checked for 14 days of travel history, cough and fever and directed to the relevant polyclinic.
  • All areas in our hospital are regularly disinfected every hour with special solutions 24/7. All patient care and sanitation teams are regularly trained.
  • Stock control and follow-up of all necessary medical supplies have been made.
  • Our end-of-day disinfection application in general areas, hospital entrance x-ray, counters, public toilets, door handles, valet stoves, elevators, benches, billboards, tables, waiting areas, etc. places are disinfected every hour on a 24/7 basis.
  • The common areas of meeting rooms are disinfected after each meeting.
  • Our inpatient rooms are disinfected with special disinfectants in addition to the standard cleaning after each check-out.
  • Foreign patients are admitted in accordance with the 14-day rule.
  • In addition to hand disinfectants used in valet stoves; Steering wheels and door handles of vehicles given to the valet are disinfected.
  • 14 rule images published by the Ministry of Health are shared in all areas of our hospital to inform our guests.