11 Tips To Get Over With Your Rhinoplasty Surgery Seamlessly

Rhinoplasty is a rather common procedure applied in cosmetic surgery, therefore, based on our experience here are some useful tips that we gathered to help prepare for the operation:,

Do homework before consulting your surgeon.
You need to check your nose carefully and decide how you want to change.

Check few pictures of models, celebrities, etc.
Then discuss this with your surgeon, about the nose job and your goals.

Take pictures.
By taking pictures before the surgery will ease the patient’s anxiety and expectations. Many surgeons today use three-dimensional images they might be very helpful.

The best surgeon can give you best, aesthetic look and make you feel good and beautiful.
Interact with your cosmetic surgeon, discuss in detail about the surgery, if you are looking for the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Turkey, you should visit Istanbul Aesthetic Center. We will give you a perfect nose shape in Turkey at an affordable price. 

Make sure all your questions are answered by the surgeon.
Nothing is more important than making sure you and your surgeon are on the same page. You’d also want to know the surgeon’s success percentage, and whether s/he has any lawsuits.

Stop smoking 2-4 weeks ahead of the surgery.
Doctors said that nicotine can horribly inhibit healing. Doctors also said that you may want to stop smoking completely from now on. If you are under medication you need to stop using few drugs such as Vitamin E supplements, Herbal supplements, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc before two weeks and post two weeks after the surgery.

Buy a blender if you don’t have one. Dice a lot of carrots, butternut squash, celery, onions, berries, and bananas. Or just get some can soup and bottled smoothy.
The operation is conducted around the area of your nose, and you may find it difficult to open your mouth and chew properly after the surgery. We’d recommend soup and smoothies for your diet. It’s soft, nutritious, and healthy. By the way, if you have a blender and diced vegetables and fruits, you can call your friends and have some social recovery time making soup with them (if they’re up for eating only liquids).

Prepare a roll of tape to hang your glasses from your forehead.
You probably won’t need your glasses right after the surgery because you’d be resting in bed. However, if you can’t survive without seeing things clearly, you might want to hang your glasses from your forehead instead of putting them on your nose. Bear in mind, your nose is extremely fragile after the surgery.

Make sure your bed is set up with lots of pillows to elevate your head.
Some of our members who had surgery around their faces suggested that lifting your head up while resting works so much better than laying it down. Blood tends to go to your head and face when it’s laid horizontally, and unless you want to feel your blood pounding in your head, you might want to have pillows underneath to elevate your head a bit.

Stop reading and viewing the ‘before and after’ information.
It creates unreal expectations when you see a lot of beautiful people. Be aware that many of them might have done more than just rhinoplasty while you’re only getting your nose done. Moreover, seeing failure cases would just increase your anxiety. You should relax and forget about what you’ll look like afterwards. It’s decided and happening anyway.

Ensure your phone is fully-charged and next to your bed. Also, get a remote control with new batteries if your device has one.
So when you’re awake and totally bored, you can check your Facebook and WhatsApp, and update your status with friends if they can’t come to make soup with you. Connect to Netflix or Amazon Prime, or whichever platform you use to watch shows. You can watch whatever you like, but we DO NOT recommend ‘Extreme Makeover’; not very healthy.

Placing a journal and a few new pens nearby.
This is for you to keep a diary if you like. Also, prepare a camera with you, so you can record the recovery process and how much you have changed over the surgery. It’s very useful for bloggers and vloggers.