• Accent having both Unipolar and Bipolar Radiofrequency technologies provides warming of the target tissue (region) “slowly” in a controlled way. Therefore, it protects the skin surface while creating a deep dermal warming.
  • By this means, both deep and superficial cellulite could be treated.
  • The Basic Mechanism: Radiofrequency warms all tissue containing water in a controlled way leading to the transfer of the warmth through the deepest tissues. Because water molecules are moved within cells by radiofrequency. With this technology, fatty cells with the highest level of water content are reached. That is, fatty tissues could be melted away.
  • Hips, Legs, Abdomen, Waist area, Arms,
  • With the Bipolar heading, an effect into the 6th mm could be provided and the collagen tissue is activated in order to increase flexibility of the skin.
  • While applying this system, the cooling system merited by the device besides warming the skin in a controlled way enables the application to be carried on pain-free.
  • The number of session applied to the face and body differ between 6 and 8.
  • However, positive responds to the treatment are observe at the end of the 2nd session. In some people, especially the people with drooping skin and with increased age, the number of sessions may be prolonged (12-14 sessions).
  • This procedure could be exercised once in a week, once in three weeks depending on the person and the region of application. Sometimes bipolar and unipolar treatments could be combined in intervals of one week and successively.
  • Accent having the radiofrequency technology is a colour blind system. That is to say, it doesn’t pose any inconvenience for the skin type. Therefore, the treatment could be kept on even in conditions requiring to become suntanned.
  • Results of the treatment might differ as to the person naturally as in any kind of treatment. In the process right after the treatment, mild redness and tension may be observed on the skin. And this effect disappears quite rapidly and one may continue daily activities very easily.
  • Treatment with RF is the easiest, the fastest and the most effective of cellulite treatment and skin stretching (rejuvenating) methods. Particularly the unipolar treatment has a technology that may reach the deepest point in skin in the world. The ability to affect deep fatty tissues is crucial for cellulite.
  • And what is important in bipolar treatment is the ability to give warmth by not disturbing the person and as homogenously as possible.
  • With this method, the skin is preserved against aging in terms of skin rejuvenation and loosened skin structure is recovered.
  • Radiofrequency could increase skin quality not only on the face, neck and the low-neck areas but also revitalizes the neck and low-neck, lifts up oval shape of the face and additionally helps to pick up drooped muscles.
  • Before and after the treatment, drinking ample water, methods and acts like doing sports and diet supports achievement of the treatment and that prolonged effects are seen.


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