It is a method especially applied on face by reasons of age, genetics, mimics, traumas and wrong cosmetic products having been used. BOTULINUM TOXIN limits the contraction movement of muscles by blocking nerve impulses reaching to very thin and superficial muscles that we call mimic muscles, muscles are relaxed. The Botulinum Toxin is applied by injecting directly in a specific muscle in quite little dosages. Surrounding muscles don’t get affected and natural look of the face doesn’t degenerate.


  • The first effects of Botulinum begins to appear within 3-4 days, the complete affect is observed with eye within 7-10 days, the duration of permanency is up to the person and it differs between 4-6 months. If it is applied regularly, the duration of permanency is prolonged.

    This application which approximately lasts for 15 minutes and performed with needles with thin ends is pain- and ache-free.

    • Around eyes,
    • Around lips,
    • Forehead,
    • Chest,
    • Neck,
    • Additionally BOTULINUM TOXIN may be used in
    • Migraine treatment,
    • Treatment of hand, foot and armpit sweating,
    • Involuntary muscular contractions,
    • Treatment of tics.
  • You may return to the social life right away. There may be bruises to be concealed with make-up despite being rare. They will recover immediately.


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